Upcoming Events

November 26
In-Person Thanksgiving Alcathon

We will be holding in-person meetings throughout the day at the Serenity Club.
Check our Sign-Up Genius for information on meeting times and to sign up yourself or your homegroup to host a meeting.

Check Back for More Information On Our
  • Christmas Alcathon
  • New Year's Alcathon
  • Winter and Spring Workshops
  • District Picnic
  • ...and more!
We need groups to step up to host meetings at our Alcathons.
  • The Holiday Hoopla is postponed until Dec 2021--looking forward to a great event then!

What Does the District Do?

Good Question!
Have you seen the AA inverted triangle? The District is part of the AA service structure. Know who's at the top? YOU!

That's right, as a member of AA you and the members of your homegroup make all of the decisions about how AA works, what changes can occur and where the money goes. The way your voice is heard is through your group General Service Rep (GSR) who attends the monthly District meetings and Virginia Area Conference (VAC) Assemblies.

GSRs take your group conscience to the District and also to the VAC and votes as your trusted servant on District activities and AA issues. You're in charge, but only if your group is represented at District and VAC. Find out more HERE.

Don't Forget to Pass
the Digital Basket

We have no dues or fees--but we do have expenses.
Kindly remember the 7th Tradition while meeting online.
The District, NVI, VAC and GSO all still have expenses while we are meeting virtually.
Find out more about Self Support: Where Spirituality and Money Mix HERE.


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email DCM11@aavirginia.org for PayPal/Venmo links
Northern Virginia Intergroup
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P.O. Box 8624
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